Take your GivingTuesday campaign to the next level. 

In 2023, GivingTuesday donations in the United States amounted to $3.1 billion, with 34 million adults in the U.S. participated in GivingTuesday in some way. With AI and new technology on the rise, this annual wave of generosity is posed to make 2024 an even stronger year of giving. 

Get ahead of the game with our 12 Weeks of GivingTuesday: a 12-week roadmap full of tips, tricks, and resources to help you stay on track and optimize your GivingTuesday fundraising. 

And make sure to download and take a gander at our comprehensive checklist that outlines all the action items you should take through and beyond GivingTuesday. ➡️

  • Week 1 - Setting Your Goals: The best ways to plan and prepare for your campaign and 5 steps to develop your campaign goals

  • Week 2 - Crafting Your Campaign Strategies: 6 strategies to help you spark engagement and motivate your donors to take action

  • Week 3 - Securing Matching Opportunities: How to lock in matching opportunities for GivingTuesday

  • Week 4 – Building Your Donation Page: 10 ingredients to drive more giving on your donation page and enhance your donation form

  • Week 5 – Optimizing Your Social Media: 5 tips to ramp up your social media presence and a compilation of fundraising tactics with our partners at Who's Mailing What 

  • Week 6 – Creating Your Emails: 5 busted email myths to create your most engaging email campaign to date

  • Week 7 – Planning for Year-End: A roadmap to plan, create, and execute a successful year-end campaign

  • Week 8 – Mapping Out Your Follow-Up: 3 steps to creating a follow-up strategy that keeps donors engaged through year-end and beyond

  • Week 9 – Utilizing Employer Matching Programs: 7 ways to help your donors get their gifts matched

  • Week 10 – Seamlessly Transitioning to Year-End: 3 tactics to unite your GivingTuesday and year-end campaigns

  • Week 11 – Gearing Up for the Big Day: 5 tips to set yourself up for success on GivingTuesday

  • Week 12 – Taking on GivingTuesday: 7 essential to do’s to ensure that your campaign proceeds according to plan

  • BONUS! Week 13 – Wrapping Up GivingTuesday: 5 ways to close out your GivingTuesday campaign to set yourself up for success for year-end and future campaigns.


Looking for more ways to unleash generosity? Don't miss out on these resources! 


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